Vegan Garlic Sausage - Turkish Style 200g

Vegan Garlic Sausage - Turkish Style


Water, textured pea protein (17,3%), rapeseed oil, rice extrudate, spices (MUSTARD), table salt, flavor enhancer E621, thickener: E461, granulated stock, antioxidant: E300; E301, pea protein isolate (0.69%), sunflower seed flour, spice extracts, yeast extract, caramel preparation (glucose syrup, maltodextrin, sugar), coloring food: beetroot juice powder, aroma, smoke aroma.

Viel Protein
Vegan Garlic Sausage - Turkish Style

Not in the mood for meat? Discover our vegan Sucuk. You can now enjoy the popular Turkish Sucuk sausage as a purely plant-based alternative. The vegan version also combines a strongly seasoned sausage with a mild spiciness and the typical garlic flavor. You definitely don't have to sacrifice the especially savory taste with this alternative

Delicious, spicy and vegan

You have the choice and can prepare the vegan Sucuk traditionally in a clay pot with vegetables in the oven, enjoy it as a filling in pastry pockets, or simply cook it on the grill. There is no difference in the preparation methods compared to the meat version. The sausage is also excellent for classic pan dishes, for example, in combination with eggs. You can also simply slice the vegan Sucuk and fry it briefly. The savory treat also tastes delicious cold with olives and bread as a side dish

What makes good Sucuk so special

Sucuk is typically a strongly seasoned raw sausage made from beef. The unique flavor of Sucuk sausage is created by the specific blend of spices used, with garlic, cumin, cumin seeds, allspice, and cayenne pepper playing a significant role in determining its flavor.

Buy Vegan Sucuk from Yayla – benefits of this meat alternative

As a significant part of the Turkish cuisine, meat is often consumed. With this fabulously delicious alternative, even meat lovers will hardly taste a difference.

Our vegan Sucuk is based on pea protein. Due to the pea protein, the sausage is not only very digestible but also tastes extremely good. The pea protein has a neutral taste and thus brings out the intense spice blend excellently. Moreover, the pea protein gives a meat-like texture, making the product very similar to the classic meat version. Because of this tasty alternative, vegetarians and vegans no longer have to miss out on anything.

Another advantage of this meat alternative is that the highly protein-rich vegan Sucuk is perfect for a protein-rich diet.

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  • Original Turkish food in family tradition.
per 100g





Saturated Fat

779 kJ /

186 kcal




From Sugar